Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'll start posting my system image updates here since the XDA-Developers thread has grown enormous. Here is a zip with all the latest files:

(I have only modified system.img from Martin's last release)
Here is what is fixed:
  • SD-card now recognized
  • Cookies in Browser retrieved properly (issue 1706)
  • Shift key only applies to next character
Calendar is still broken (wait for google to fix GLS), as is the camera (wait for Martin to update libcameraservice).

I have also ported Wladimir Palant's AdBlockPlus to WebKit/Android, and included it in this release. To use it, place a filter list in your SD-card root named "block.txt",
and then enable "Block ads" in the browser app's settings. You can find a good filter here).

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