Saturday, January 10, 2009

New update

New system.img, with a few small updates:
  • Included default filter list for ad block
  • Removed gold box from Google maps
  • Made landscape keyboard smaller
MD5: 876a64bea19028a5ea50e4fce996605a

Sunday, January 4, 2009

AdBlock for WebKit/Android

Since my port of AdBlockPlus to WebKit is applicable to far more than just the HTC vogue (or even just android), here is the code. Unfortunately, WebKit doesn't have content-policy plugins like FireFox, and since my goal was to just get this working in the quickest, dirtiest way possible, this is implemented as a very very sloppy hack to the WebCore code. Here is the patch for android. This only includes element-blocking, since that suffices to block everything on sites I visit on android, and my first shot at element hiding wasn't too efficient.

Here is the patch. To use it,
  1. Apply patch
  2. Place filter list (you can find a good one here) in /sdcard/block.txt
  3. Run browser app. In settings, "Load Images" is now "Block ads" (see comment in patch for reasoning behind this; here is a patch to change text)
If you have any suggestions for how to move this into a plugin, please let me know.

Vogue Android Update

New system.img with working camera, thanks to Martin.
I'll start posting my system image updates here since the XDA-Developers thread has grown enormous. Here is a zip with all the latest files:

(I have only modified system.img from Martin's last release)
Here is what is fixed:
  • SD-card now recognized
  • Cookies in Browser retrieved properly (issue 1706)
  • Shift key only applies to next character
Calendar is still broken (wait for google to fix GLS), as is the camera (wait for Martin to update libcameraservice).

I have also ported Wladimir Palant's AdBlockPlus to WebKit/Android, and included it in this release. To use it, place a filter list in your SD-card root named "block.txt",
and then enable "Block ads" in the browser app's settings. You can find a good filter here).